MIDCUT BEGAN RAPPIN’’ in his early teens by showing off his skills to friends, family, and later in Venues throughout his home State of Alabama, and Fla. Encouraged by the positive response, he start believing he could make rappin’ a Career, and began recording Tracks and Mixtapes with a local Producer, who   brought them to the attention of NY based Indie Label, Black Eye Records. He was signed, and the following year released a Track, title, “STOP FRONTIN”, that generated enough Fan and Media buzz that he was booked into numerous Clubs and other Venues  across the U.S., shared the stage with 2Chainz, Young Jeezy, and performed at the after Party for the 2017 BET Awards.

His original influences were NY, LA and Atla rappers; and their inspiration helped him elevate his skills to a level that his sound has a World Flavor, that will make you wanna listen, no matter where you from, or where you at. Now he’s back with two new Singles, ‘NANA’ & “SHE GONNA LET ME”, that is creating a buzz that he hope will get to a level high enough to move the needle closer to his goal of success. Check him out at: www.Blackeyerecords.net, www.cdbaby.com/midcut8 & 9, iTunes, Spotify, and all Major Download Sites. webmail@blackeyerecords.net, 917-544-4851 or 212-592-4458.




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