FOLLOWING the path of many hip hop artists, Midcut began rappin’ as a teen by showcasing his skills to his family and friends. Encouraged by their response, he began performing at local Venues, throughout Alabama, Georgia, and a few years in Miami; but Alabama is home, and where he represent. His first influences were New York and La. rappers; and later artists from Atlanta. Merging the east, west and south styles to his skills influenced his writing and rappin’ to a point that his sound has more of a universal flavor than just South. Several local producers took notice, and began releasing Mixtapes, Singles, Videos, and other Promotions on him. As the buzz around Midcut began to build, he attracted the attention of Blu, an executive and producer with New York based indie label, Black Eye Records; who signed him, and has released a Single and Video, with an Album to follow. MIDCUT desire is to create sounds, and a style that is not out there; and toward that goal, his new Single is just a small part of a larger vision he and Black Eye Records are working on to take his career to the next level...   www.blackeyerecords.net, www.cdbaby.com/cd/midcut6, iTunes, Spotify and all Major download sites. webmail@blackeyerecords.net - 212-592-4458 or 917-544-4851


BLACK EYE KAMP BIO:   Like most rappers, Black Eye Kamp artists started at an early age, and began taking hip hop serious after being influenced by positive responses from kids and friends in their neighborhoods. After years of performing in Schools, Parks, Clubs and other venues in and out of their home areas of New York, Chicago and Alabama, they were brought to the attention of indie Label, Black Eye Records; Resulting in the release of their compilation CD, “Black Eye Kamp, Vol. 1”. To maximize the flava of their first release, the newly signed artists were merged with members of M7 Committee, making their styles so diverse; the CD has something for all hip hoppers. With fans feed back best expressing it with their love of the Album’s variety of music styles all in one place. Black Eye Kamp Crew: THA MISSES BIO: Growing up in Harlem was the perfect place for an aspiring rapper like Tha Misses to develop her skillz. With so many hip hop fans and places to perform, she took advantage by doing talent shows, neighborhood parties, battles and anywhere she could find an open mic. Because of her fierce rappin’style, word got around, and by the time she was old enough to perform in clubs her reputation was well known in Harlem. At an early age Tha Misses was inspired by Tupac seemingly limitless rappin’ and writing skillz, and as she developed her own style, that inspiration played an important roll in her development as an artist. As a result, she has seen her fan base continually grow while performing in the Tri State area and parts of the South East. Along the way she has recorded over an album of tracks, special guessed on, and recorded tracks for other artists CDs and mixtapes, but now feels it’s her time to shine. GEN'TILE is a Far Rockaway Queens artist we met at a recording studio. After hearing him rap, it was a case of he was too good to pass up. After several meetings and visiting a few of his shows, we knew his talent was real; His passion and intensity was so convincing crowds stopped dancing and stood in front of the stage. The best way to describe Gentile style is raw, unclassified, somewhere between Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Nas. He rewarded our confidence by writing and recording hot tracks for this project, and says his best is yet to come. COR—Young and vivacious, the talented Cor (born Corey Flook) is bringing a new energy that most east coast rappers have been missing (at the youthful age of eight teen). The young rapper feels he is mastering the talent of what a rapper is to be. America hasn’t seen the talent where a young east coast rapper posses the stardom that we are looking for since Biggie (Notorious Big), 2pac, Jay Z and current rapper 50 Cent. From the young elementary age of nine attending school in the Bronx, Cor has been laying his fruits with many of his peers awarding him as the best rapper in the school. Even now many of the students gather around to hear a freestyle set in the hallway. This led him to talent showcase after showcase winning first place time and time again. Many saw Cor as the young rapper who would come up with off the wall lyrics placing him in the elite of the unique. “His lyrics are so advanced for someone his age” says his mother. Now at the age of eighteen, Cor wants the world to know who he really is. “I’m at the plate and ready to swing my bat; I will prove my talent and I am ready to become the next young rap idol that we all have been waiting for.” CHURCH STREET MAFIA was founded by high school buddies, who hung out together and would rap just to see who could come up with hottest rhymes. After their impromptu jam sessions began drawing crowds, they decided to form a crew, and became an instant success in their hometown of Selma, Alabama. But they had something bigger in mind, and knew to be successful on a national level, they needed a plan. After some brain storming they put together a killa show, recorded mixtapes, demos and began a promo campaign. As word and their mixtapes start getting around, Church Street Mafia was invited to play Atlanta and other nearby cities, of which some were with TI, Ying Yang Twins, Lil Flip and other artists. At a show in Atlanta, Adisa Jihad, a New York producer, caught their show, and is currently producing their album. As an intro to the music industry four of their songs are featured on Black Eye Kamp new CD. LOTTO--Every once in a while an artist come along that have the whole package, and Lotto fits that description. He is not only a great performer; he writes his own music, lyrics and produces his songs... Born and raised in Queens, NY, Lotto began rappin’ at twelve, and was performing in clubs at sixteen. He has had several releases on indie labels, and a track on Main Source last album, along with The Lox and Shaqueen. As a member of a crew call Ambush, he help record their Album, producing five tracks, one featuring Guru. The CD is being sold online. Lotto keeps busy by performing, writing and producing tracks for himself and other artists. He has also recorded a mixtape that is hosted by Ike Love, with guest artists, The Lox, Guru, Mikey D, Grandaddy I. U. and other artists. BIG POOH may understand the different flavas of hip hop better than most rappers, having been born in Chicago, and experiencing that scene until fourteen. He then moved with his family to Philadelphia, where he first experienced and fell in love with the East Coast style of rap and battles. After two years he moved again to Oklahoma City before settling in Harlem. Since moving to Harlem Big Pooh has put the knowledge he gained while moving around to good use. He has released three successful CDs, two mixtapes, and regularly appears on other rappers mixtapes, including Kay Slay. His CDs, mixtapes and a strong show allows him to keeps busy touring the College circuit and Clubs.  FOR  FURTHER INFO: www.Blackeyerecords.net, www.cdbaby.com/cd/midcut6, ITunes, Spotify and all Major download Sites..212-592-4458, 917-544-4851, (Webmail@Blackeyerecords.net) 


M7 COMMITTEE BIO:   M7 COMMITTEE members grew up in the Bronx and Queens, New York. With so many places to perform, they were able to develop their skills at an early age, and it was those skills among other things why we signed them. Each artist in M7 Committee styles are so different their tracks takes listeners on a journey across all hip hop styles, from Underground, Crunk, Dance to Gangsta. Their new CD “Out Ov Tha Shadow” has been receiving positive reviews, upon which we are continuing with Promotion through A variety of online/offline sources. “M7 Committee Crew: JOE GRIND style is best described as Street, Ghetto, Thuggin’ and Hustler, but with a style that is all his own. He grew up in the Bronx performing and listening to the old and new school rappers, which he credits with giving him a solid understanding of rappin’ game. It was his rhym’n’ style, creativity and vocabulary that made (platinum) Producer, Minnesota (he produced Trick Daddy, Lil Kim, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Mos Def, biggie, M.O.P., Jr Mafia, Ghost Face Killa, and is currently the DJ/Music Co-ordinator for Russel Simmon’s “Def Poetry” on HBO) eager to produce the tracks “Ghetto” & “Air It Out” for this project. Tha BANK STOPPAZ wasn’t a planned group, they were at a Bronx Studio recording individual tracks when the Producer asked them to record a track together. It came out so hot they decided to record a few more. A few weeks and over a half dozen songs later they knew each member brought skillz and a commitment that could make them a strong group; They formed Tha Bank Stoppaz. Since their formation they have released a promotional CD, recorded over an Album of songs, and keeping busy recording, networking and doing shows. GEN'TILE is a Far Rockaway Queens artist we met at a recording studio. After hearing him rap, it was a case of he was too good to pass up. After several meetings and visiting a few of his shows, we knew his talent was real; His passion and intensity was so convincing crowds stopped dancing and stood in front of the stage. The best way to describe Gentile style is raw, unclassified, somewhere between Cool J, Busta Rhymes and Nas. He rewarded our confidence by writing and recording hot tracks for this project, and says his best is yet to come. TRIPLE C, another Bronx native, has been involved in hip hop for many years; Starting as a DJ, then developing his skillz as a rapper, writer and producing his own beats. He played most of the major Clubs in New York, toured America and Europe, DJ’ing for P. Diddy (Bad Boy), Peter Gunz & Lord Tariq “Make It Reign” tour, Angie Martinez, “Up Close and Personal” tour, Fly Ty (Cold chillen), Tim Dawg Patterson (Uptown) and Kevin Mitchell (Codeine). He stays in the game by performing and doing mixtapes, which can be found across the US. AMBUSH members Curt Digga, Lotto, Mikey D & Shon’don grew up in Queens and the Bronx, and are a compilation of artists signed to Black Eye Records. They have been steadily building a fan base by releasing a single “No Match”, (Feat. Guru), two promotional CDs, radio and cable interviews, performing on mixtapes and shows, among other promotions. All members are gifted writers and entertainers with the same dream to become successful entertainers. MIKEY D grew up in Jamaica Queens (Laurelton), an area that is famous for Park jams and MC battles; and it was at those park jams that he became a local legend. He later joined “Main Source” as lead rapper, replacing Large Professor. They recorded an album and Video; With the Album selling well and the Video receiving play on M.T.V., Video Jukebox and other Stations, they performed on Soul Train, toured with The Lost Boys, Redman, Naughty By Nature, Guru, Cool J and many more. Mikey also recorded solo for several small Labels, and has product online and in stores in Europe. After being able to keep his name alive in music circles on two continents, we were more than happy to make him a part of the “M7 Committee” project. JOHN AJILORE is a story teller who is able to influence an audience to visualize what he is seeing as well as experience what he is feeling. He was influenced by rappers in his Queens neighborhood, and began experimenting by combining his personality and life experiences into lyrical form until he found his identity. After years of doing mixtapes, networking and recording demos, John decided to make a move. He turned to his childhood friend Ayatollah, who produced tracks for (Styles P, Pharaohe Monch, Mos Def, Inspector Deck and upcoming rapper Space). Ayatollah knows John’s style, and as a result was able to hit him with tracks (N***z Rhym’n’ & Rock Wit Me) that brought out his skillz.  FOR FURTHER INFO: 212-592-4458, 917-544-4851 -  347-262-4030, (Webmail@BlackEyeRecords.net), www.blackeyerecords.net, www.cdbaby.com/cd/midcut6.. iTunes, Spotify and all Major download Sites...


SPACE BIO:  SPACE rappin’ career began in Brooklyn at thirteen, but he didn’t take it serious until at fifteen, he won a showcase at his school. By seventeen, Space was writing and recording his own tracks, and doing shows throughout New York and Long Island. At a Club in Manhattan Space met two guys, who later would become his managers; He gave them some of his tracks, of which two, Phone and G’S were released as a single. “Phone” created such a buzz in New York, Wendy Williams, from WBLS Radio put it in regular rotation, Hot 97 gave it a few spins, Sirius, XM, Community Stations, College and Online Stations across the U.S., Australia and Canada played it. The buzz resulted in indie label Black Eye Records releasing an Album, One Night, of which tracks were produced by Wendy Williams’s former producer, Artie and his production team, hit Producer Ayatollah, and Thyst, a former producer for Kool G Rap...

FOR FURTHER INFO: Check out iTunes, Spotify and all Major download sites.  www.Cdbaby.com/Space2.. 212-592-4458,  917-544-4851,   347-262-4030, www.Blackeyerecords.net--Webmail@blackeyerecords.net 


AMBUSH BIO:    AMBUSH  members consist of six Black Eye Records solo artists. All are gifted writers, producers and entertainers that due to their stage and street creditability, earned the right to be a part of this crew. All Ambush members are New Yorkers that paid their dues in the clubs, parks and other venues throughout the city; now they share the same dream, to get Ambush to a name recognition level with national/international fans and record buyers. Toward that goal, Ambush have released three singles, (one featuring Guru), a promotional CD, five singles for M7 Committee compilation CD, (with several singles getting international radio play), a mixtape, performs in clubs, on cable and radio shows, among other promotions. FOR FURTHER INFO: Check out iTunes, Spotify and all Major download sites.  www.Cdbaby.com/Ambush,  212-592-4458,  917-544-4851,  347-262-4030 (Webmail@blackeyerecords.net) or  www.Blackeyerecords.net...


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